Our history
brought us here

In the market for years, Edesoft is a software factory specialized in development of customized systems that help big companies go further.

How we were born.

Edesoft was created in 2008 by Manoel Edesio, current partner and CEO. And in 2015, started the first operation to export software projects, being chosen by a North American company to contribute to the development of its BI software based on a balanced scorecard.

Edesoft is recognized in the market for the high performance it provides to its clients in project development, body shop and outsourcing services.

We always take it with us.

Sincerity, respect, proactivity, objectivity, commitment, innovation, excellence in quality and being admired.

What we want.

Through software development, solving problems in companies delivering intelligent services and solutions. Always with an aligned team and transforming the lives of our employees.

Recognized quality.

Edesoft was certified with the MPS-BR level G seal of quality in the methodology and approach in the software development process.

The creator of this
successful journey.

Manoel Edesio holds certifications in C++ Builder, Delphi/Rad Studio and Delphi for .NET.

Speaker in several editions of the Borland Conference, CodeGear, Embarcadero Conference and Delphi Conference.

He spends much of his time helping customers from different market segments to solve pain and achieve high performance by creating applications that meet expectations expected by the market, shareholders and business users. In addition, he provides consultancy to renowned companies in the market on technological architecture solutions for the development of scalable, stable and durable software.

He is currently CEO of EDSOFT, a company focused on developing Custom Software in Delphi, C++, .Net, Vue.Js, NodeJs, React Native, React.Js and other languages.

EDSOFT is also recognized in the market for the high performance it provides to its clients in consulting, mentoring, body shop and outsourcing services,

Lately it has delighted its clients with documentation work (technical and business) of legacy software projects; where they are part of the company's know-how and the wealth of the business and which, due to carelessness, were never properly documented.


Our secret is always searching for the constant evolution of our employees.

At Edesoft we provide several programs for our employees. We believe that a team that is engaged and aligned with the company generates above-average results.
And our team is above average.

Our programs.

an innovative environment
waits for you.

Come develop your career at Edesoft, we are always looking for new talent like you. We have several programs to help you go further and make Edesoft even better.